Automate the habits that will change your life

automate the habits that will change your life

Tested Techniques That Will Improve Your Productivity

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It was difficult to wake up in the morning. It all started after my birthday. And continued to worsen after New Year’s eve.

I can’t think of anything about how it happened. Then, I became worried about my body clock. So, I decided to update my calendar earlier to recreate my sleep habit.

But did you know that some research suggests that it can take 18 to 254 days to break a bad habit and form a new one?

Is it true? There’s a possibility. But, I don’t know.

Also, I heard that if I want my actions to become automatic, I have to create a vision for my life. A vision that will trigger a habit. Instead of setting my daily goals.

For example:

Even if I wake up late, it will still trigger my daily workout. Then, my daily 10k steps. And then my writing habit.

All my other activities are dependent on my vision of making a short film or publishing a book.

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