Forgetfulness (What to do?)

forgetfulness (what to do?)

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I have a small foot wound today. I don’t know how I got it. But it seems like I got it yesterday.

It doesn’t matter anyway.

I can still walk fine. I’m worried about whether I can still push my 10k steps today. And what about tomorrow?

In addition to that, I forgot my tripod. I wanted to make a meditation video. But I also forgot I still don’t have a yoga mat.

Is forgetfulness a severe case?

Anyway, I don’t want to think about it. However, I can solve all of the 3 challenges I have mentioned today. That is if I will put some energy around it.

For the yoga mat, an old blanket will do. Every day, I can put it in my bag and bring it while I do my daily walk. Then I won’t forget to bring my tripod.

I also need to research how to properly and efficiently walk. So I won’t have to injure myself whenever I do my walk. Okay, so why did I not think about it in the first place?

It seems like I really have to push up my memory exercise level a couple of notches. I have to level my character up. Or this forgetfulness will eat me in the long run.

What do people usually do at times like this? Are they brushing it off like it’s nothing? Or do they seek help?

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