Self-hate is a powerful motivating tool

self-hate is helpful

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Is there a better alternative to motivating yourself with self-hate?

There are people who find their purpose in life by hating who they are and loving who they want to be. This kind of motivation is working very well for them. Including me.

I make a lot of progress and can stick to productive tasks very well because I hate my previous self.

Have you heard the quote: “If you want to love others, start by loving yourself.”

Think about this for a moment:

You must first have a strong sense of self-love and self-acceptance to be capable of truly loving others.

It’s like building a big and strong tower. You need a good foundation to make it strong. Being kind to yourself is like building a good foundation for your life.

If you are not comfortable with yourself and your own worth, it will be hard for them too.

Self-hate is helpful. But having a good opinion of yourself is important. As it will help you have good relationships with other people.

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