The Merge (Morning Pages, Bullet Journal, and Creative Writing)

the merge (morning pages, bullet journal, and creative writing)

My activities could be more organized. I mean it’s already a habit. But because they are disorganized, I am worried I will forget some of them.

For example, I would have finished my Morning Pages while I was doing my walk. The challenge is I have these Morning Pages, Creative Writing, and Bullet Journal activities. It’s redundant.

I thought if I merge them into 1 activity, it would be efficient. I thought it would be more creative. I thought it will work if I write my morning pages and bullet journal and be creative.

Those 3 activities are important to me. So I decided to merge them. And tick the tasks that never seem to get done.

In my mind, I will shoot a video with this Morning Page, but I didn’t get time to do it. That’s where this idea of merging comes from. I thought it’s more efficient for me.

It will be my birthday soon. And I still don’t have any idea what to do on that day. It’s not that I don’t have plans. I don’t know how I can make it efficient.

Today, I want to learn more about the right or good way to ask questions that I always put off. Some people would think that it’s a way to farm engagement. But I want to know their thoughts so I can improve.

And I don’t mind if it’s good or bad. It’s still feedback. It would make a big difference.

For now, those are my brain-dump thoughts and I want them to become part of my daily routineas a habit.

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By Joy de Guzman

Joy de Guzman is a freelancer and blogger who writes about productivity and self-improvement. Joy is the founder and editor of Plus63Media, a one-person media business that focuses on productivity, consistency, and result.

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