The Problem With $SLP

I’m a casual gamer.

Fast forward to 1998, I decided I wanted to make a good living playing games.

And it happened 23 years later. I found Axie Infinity and earned money from it by farming $SLP and creating new Axies.

I had fun playing the game every single day, but my income started to decline in July 2021.

The goal was still the same despite the earnings.

However, a huge problem came when the bear market started in January 2022.

People started calling the game dead, a scam, a Ponzi scheme!

I need to dig deeper to get what I wanted.

Then I found the problem — The more $SLP is created, the lower its price gets.

$SLP now is at its lowest point from $0.01 back in 2020 down to $0.002. How great is that?

Can we still cope with the loss? I don’t know.

But everyone who believes in the future of Axie Infinity can start winning it back through breeding and crafting.

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