12358 #004 — The real reason why we drink alcohol

The real reason why we drink alcohol

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Today, we’re diving into the deep end with some heavy topics like Why We Drink Alcohol And How It Creates a False Sense of Meaning and questioning whether Managers Are Truly The Backbone of a Successful Business or Just a Small Cog in the Machine? But don’t worry, we’ve also got some self-improvement tips to help you navigate these murky waters and snippets from experts to guide you on your journey. So grab a drink (responsibly, of course), and let’s dive in. 

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These are the general reasons I have wanted to drink alcohol at different points in time.

  • In high school, it was cool and new, and cool.
  • I drink in college to be braver so I could somehow and magically know the right words to say to women.
  • It was fun and life was about fun back in post-college.
  • Then, it changed to a reward for having a successful journey after I transitioned from work to home.

People drink alcohol for a variety of reasons. To relax, socialize, or cope with stress. But, excessive alcohol use can lead to a variety of negative consequences.

Alcohol can create a false sense of meaning by temporarily numbing difficult problems. While drinking may make you feel better in the moment, it can make it more difficult to cope in the long term. It can also impair decision-making, leading to risky behavior and regrets.

It’s important to remember that it is a depressant, but it’s better to find healthier ways to cope with underlying problems.

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Self-improvement tips

I am proud to be with you — Watch it here

When you’re stuck in the daily grind, it’s difficult to feel a successful life — Watch it here

Now, think about these

  1. Associate with people who are likely to improve you — Lucius Annaeus Seneca
  2. When you need encouragement, think of the qualities the people around you have: this one’s energy, that one’s modesty, another’s generosity, and so on. Nothing is as encouraging as when virtues are visibly embodied in the people around us when we’re practically showered with them. It’s good to keep this in mind — Marcus Aurelius
  3. Your happiness depends on three things, all of which are within your power: your will, your ideas concerning the events in which you are involved, and the use you make of your ideas — Epictetus

Are managers truly the backbone of a successful business or just a small cog in the machine?

In today’s business world, the role of managers has become more important than ever before. The rapidly changing business environment has made it crucial for managers to be able to explore and adapt to changes. But the importance of management has been overlooked in recent years.

So, what’s the problem?

Managers are not given enough credit for the role they play in shaping a company’s strategy, culture and performance. This can lead to a lack of focus on management development and inadequate management practices. Which can have a negative impact on a company’s success.

  • Managers can align a company’s strategy, culture, and performance by creating a clear vision, fostering a culture of accountability, and empowering employees. This alignment is essential for a company’s success.
  • Managers need specialized knowledge and skills to be effective. They should have a deep understanding of their industry and the competitive landscape. And that they should be able to expect and respond to changes in the environment.
  • Management is not becoming less important in today’s world. The traditional hierarchical approach to management is inadequate in today’s business environment. A new approach is needed. That is why developing specialized knowledge and skills is important to become effective.
  • If you haven’t personally experienced the frustration and resentment a bad manager can cause, you’re one of the lucky ones. But you’ve probably at least heard of someone else’s bad boss, right? If managers are so often ineffective, why not get rid of them altogether?
  • This is the motivation behind the push for a bossless structure. One of the biggest benefits of a bossless company is its efficiency. Cutting out middle managers means fewer layers of people to go through when a big decision needs to be made. Employees are empowered to make decisions on their own and do what they see as best.

In practice, supposedly bossless companies often prove to have some kind of leadership within. They are a thin layer of executives who deal directly with employees instead of managers. This can lead to one of the drawbacks — micromanagement. But isn’t that exactly what a management system is trying to prevent?


Companies should invest in management development and recognize the importance of management in driving the company’s success. By taking these steps, managers and companies can ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the business.

Snippets from the experts

  • Is there something in your life you’ve allowed yourself to believe is impossible to fix? Often, the trick to dealing with an irreparable part of your life is to stop trying to repair it and instead focus on building something elsewhere. Where else could you find happiness? — Mark Manson
  • Your problems never go away, you just get better at solving them — Dan Koe
  • Imagine in every meeting, someone had the courage to speak up and say, “I don’t agree with this” or “This isn’t right”. The world would be a better place — Tiago Forte
  • Bootstrapping and building on a budget can build a better startup — Andrew Gazdecki
  • I just turned on grayscale and my world is change — Sahil Bloom
  • You have to master natural intelligence before artificial intelligence becomes useful — Justin Welsh
  • Every day, take a step toward becoming your ideal self. It can be just one, tiny step. But make some progress. This is the key to living a happy and meaningful life — Tim Stoddart
  • Enjoy your life and all of the growth and challenges it demands from you. Then share the insights with those you love and support them along the way — Tony Robbins

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