You’re a perfectionist

you're a perfectionist

I considered myself a perfectionist. I thought it was a good thing. Because most of my clients are happy about the results of what I did for their projects.

Until I decided to make my own content. My perfectionism ate me. I thought, “This habit is going to be difficult to break.”

But here are some tips you can take to make progress:

  1. It’s okay to have high standards but be realistic about what you can achieve.
  2. Everyone makes mistakes. So, it’s okay to be imperfect. Be kind and understanding towards yourself.
  3. If you find yourself getting stressed out, it can be helpful to take a break to recharge and refocus.
  4. It can also be helpful to seek support as they can provide you with different perspectives.
  5. Be open to new ways of doing things as this can help you be more resilient when things don’t go your way.

Remember, changing long-standing habits takes time, but it is possible to make progress.

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By Joy de Guzman

Joy de Guzman is a freelancer and blogger who writes about productivity and self-improvement. Joy is the founder and editor of Plus63Media, a one-person media business that focuses on productivity, consistency, and result.

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